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He was born as an orphan not knwoing his father or mother. He lived in a foster home. He grew up with a very close child hood friend named Kiro Namikaze. They've been friends for a very long time. When Shinto was 6 years old he began to train with his closest friend Kiro. They were specially assigned to the Master Of The Village because they are both oni's. Shinto was the dark oni. He has the demon King sealed away inside him. He was always picked on in the foster home because he had horns. Kiro accepted him though since he kinda understood Shinto better than everyone else. He was born with a very powerful ancient and evil katana. Most likely used by the demon king himself. He still has hidden powers that he doesnt know about yet. People always put shinto down as a kid so he wants to prove them all he's just as normal as them, so he chose to train under the master of the village to protect instead of hate the people in that village. When he was older the master of the village gave him the dark blade. When he reached 15 under years of training he became apart of the villages miltia. Being sent out on a very long and dreadful mission, to fulfill a long lost and great prophecy. Now he journeys with his best friend Kiro. They are both the keys to that villages survival.

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